About Us
Lori Amundsen Drinks established An Ideal Partner in 2001 as a registration services and consulting partnership with associations, independent event organizers and corporate exhibit managers.

Ideal partnerships have been formed with such successful organizations as Nielsen Business Media, Smith Bucklin, the American Pharmacists Association, the International Association for Human Resource Information Management and The Bridge Group.

Lori has developed registration systems and services for more than 25 years, nurturing the process with every client from start to finish. Operational support is received through a long-standing partnership with BADGEGuys.com (programmers extraordinaire and production workhorses).

Lori is proud to have earned the Presidentís Award from the Trade Show Exhibitors Association and a Merit Award from the International Association for Exhibition Management. Both recognize leadership and outstanding service to the exhibition industry.

An Ideal Partner is based in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland, within driving distance of Washington DC and three major airports serving partners in all areas of the world.

An Ideal Partner Provides:
Custom Online Forms
Full Service Registration
An Extra Set Of Hands
Experience From Start To Finish

An Ideal Partner LLC
3640 Roland Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21211  USA
410.467.9234, telephone